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  • Basic Network & Security knowledge is required
  • Gain Industry Experience While Training
  • Build Future skill to get a Job Ready
  • The Industry best Self Paced Program
  • 24/7 LAB access for 30 Days via Secured VPN
  • Life Time Access to Class Recording Video
  • 95+ PCNSA/E Workbooks (Step by Step Guides)
  • Trained and Mentor by Industry Experts

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    Program Overview

    The “Palo Alto Self-Paced Digital learning” Program will equip you with the skills needed to become a “Palo Alto Expert” within 30 Days. You will learn comprehensive approaches to protecting your IT Network infrastructure, data, and information, by utilizing the Palo Alto Next-Gen Firewalls technologies achieving hands-on project-based experience through industry-leading certifications including PCNSA and, PCNSE.

    The program begins with an introductory level of Palo Alto Point Architecture and then progresses to advanced technologies such as Firewall Rules, Software Blades, VPN, Remote VPN, Identity Awareness, SSL inspection, and much more.

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    Be a Palo Alto Certified Security Expert and up earn up 65K  (ITJobsWatch)

    Average Salary


    You can earn an average of £65k a year


      • Project-Based Learning with Industry use cases  
      • World-Class Videos by Industry Experts over 2 Decades of Experience 
      • Expert Trainer Support included for Premium Package 
      • 30 Days Flexible Learning From any Part of the world 
    • Network Security Consultant
    • Network Security Engineer
    • Network Engineer
    • Cyber Security Expert
      • Passionate to become Palo Alto Expert   
      • Excited to earn 75K with a few years of experience  
      • Looking to start a career into the IT Security
      • Excited to work in Flexible hours (work from home)
    • Extensive Hands-on Instructor-led Project-based Learning
    • Life Time Access to World Class PCNSA / PCNSE Videos
    • 30 Days 24/7 Lab Live, with Real Equipment
    • 85+ Step by Step Work Books based on the Best Practices
    • Expert Trainer support for Premium Package


    1. Understand the Concept with our Class Recorded Videos.
    2. Connect SSL VPN from any part of the world using your Internet
    3. Follow the Parameters from Spreadsheet, Diagram, and workbook example
    4. Apply the into your own environment and test it.

    For our Premium Program, you will be getting 8+ Trainer support as well


    1. Course Prerequisite
    2. Course Contents
    3. Student Folder
    4. LAB Connectivity + Diagram
    5. FW + Type of FWs
    6. FW Models
    7. Firewall Architecture
    8. LAB Physical Connectivity
    9. LAB Logical Connectivity
    10. Panorama Concept (Question)
    11. Reset to Factory Default
    12. MGMT IP
    13. Panorama MGMT IP
    14. SSH & CLI Interface
    15. Dashboard Overview
    16. Committing and Saving the Configuration
    17. Setup & MGMT IP
    18. Reverting Changes
    19. Saving and Loading the Configuration
    20. Creating Local User for Authentication
    21. Export Configuration and Version
    22. Importing Configuration and Version
    23. Shutdown and reboot the FW
    24. DNS, NTP-Update Server
    25. MGMT IP and Permitted Networks
    26. Registering the FW & Licences
    27. Dynamic Updates
    28. Dynamic Updates without Licences
    29. Upgrade FW with Licences
    30. Upgrade FW Manually or without Licences
    31. Role Based Users
    32. Introduction to Panorama
    33. Panorama Walkthrough
    34. Panorama Admin Users Account
    35. Panorama Config Management
    36. Panorama Registration
    37. Panorama Adding FW Manually
    38. PaloAlto Firewall overview with Panorama
    39. Palo Alto PCNSA. PCNSE Panorama Licenses & Registration
    40. Automatically Adding PalAlto FW
    41. Adding Tags to PaloAlto FW via Panorama
    42. Transition locally configuration FW to Panorama
    43. Upgrade PANOS Software and perform Dynamic update
    44. Introduction To panorama Templet
    45. Configuring Template via Panorama
    46. Template Vs. Template Stack
    47. Configuring Template-Stack on Panorama for Head office FW
    48. Configuring Template and Template Stack for Data Centre FW
    49. Device Group Concept
    50. SNMP Trap via Panorama
    51. Zone Based FW
    52. Virtual Wire Deployment
    53. Deployment options
    54. Layer 2 & 3 Deployment
    55. HA Development
    56. Tap Mode Deployment
    57. Configuring Interfaces via Panorama
    58. Configuring zone via panorama
    59. Reference Template
    60. Configuring Virtual Wire Interface Via Panorama
    61. Configuring L2 and L3 Interfaces Via panorama
    62. Configuring TAP Interface Via Panorama
    63. Configuring Zone Via Panorama
    64. Configuring Management Profile Via Panorama
    65. Virtual Router Concept and Config
    66. Static and Default Routing Via Panorama
    67. DHCP Service VIA Panorama
    68. OSPF Routing LAN to DMZ
    69. What is a Security Policy?
    70. Security Policy LAN to DMZ
    71. Security Policy LAN to DMZ using Objects
    72. Security Policy LAN to DMZ using TAGs
    73. Palo Alto AppID
    74. Configuring Palo Alto AppID Via Panorama
    75. Application & Application Group
    76. Address & Address Group
    77. Security Policy
    78. Security policy -LAN to Internet
    79. NAT Rule; PAT for LAN
    80. Rules with Panorama
    81. Services & Services Group
    82. Application Filtering
    83. Application Exception
    84. Palo Alto Session Table
    85. Palo Alto Log Forwarding Profile
    86. Dynamic NAT with Pool Example
    87. Static NAT Concept & Examples
    88. Static NAT example Internet to DMZ
    89. Static NAT example Internet to LAN
    90. Destination NAT with Port Forwarding
    91. Outbound SSL Decryption
    92. Palo Alto Lab
    93. Outbound SSL Decryption Exception
    94. URL Filtering
    95. Security profile
    96. Security Profile – URL Filtering
    97. Security Profile – Custom URL Filtering
    98. Security Profile – Custom URL Filtering Part II
    99. Security Profile – Antivirus
    100. Security Profile – File Blocking
    101. Security Profile – Vulnerability Protection
    102. Security Profile – AntiSpyWare
    103. Security Profile – Wildfire Analysis
    104. Security Profile – Data Filtering
    105. Security Profile – Book
    106. Site to Site VPN – Concept
    107. Cisco Site to Site VPN Tunnel
    108. Site to Site VPN Tunnel
    109. Zone and DDOS Protection Concept
    110. ZONE Protection LAB
    111. DDOS Protection LAB
    112. QOS Concept
    113. QOS LAB
    114. Policy Based Forwarding (PBF) – Concept
    115. Policy Based Forwarding (PBF) – LAB
    116. Application Override – Concept
    117. Application Override – LAB


    1. Resetting to Factory Defaults
    2. Initial IP Management access
    3. FW CLI Access
    4. Revert Changes
    5. Config Audit (Running Vs Candidate Config)
    6. Loading Saved Config
    7. Export and Import Config
    8. Reboot and Shutdown Firewall
    9. DNS, NTP and Update Server Config
    10. Licensing
    11. Dynamic Update
    12. Upgrade with License
    13. Upgrade without License
    14. User Management – Local Admin Account
    15. User Management – Role Based User Account
    16. Response Pages
    17. Panorama – Commit
    18. Panorama – Config Management
    19. Panorama – Services (NTP, DNS etc)
    20. Panorama – Licensing
    21. Panorama – Adding Palo Alto Single FW
    22. Panorama – Adding Palo Alto Bulk FWs
    23. Panorama – Transition Locally configured FW to Panorama
    24. Panorama – Adding Firewall Tags
    25. Panorama – Upgrade PANOS Software and Dynamic update
    26. Panorama – Configuring Template
    27. Panorama – Configuring Template Variable
    28. Panorama – Device Groups and Reference Template
    29. SNMP – Configuration
    30. SNMP – Traps
    31. SNMP – Using Profiles
    32. SNMP – V3 Configuration
    33. SNMP – V3 Traps
    34. Syslog
    35. Creating Interface MGMT Profile
    36. Creating Shared Objects
    37. Creating Zones
    38. Layer-2 and Layer 3 Deployment
    39. Creating Layer-2 Sub-Interfaces
    40. Creating Layer-3 Sub-Interfaces
    41. Virtual Wire Deployment
    42. Creating Virtual Wire Sub-Interface
    43. TAP Deployment
    44. Creating Virtual Router
    45. Static and Default Routing
    46. DHCP Configuration
    47. OSPF Routing
    48. Tags
    49. Addresses and Address Group
    50. Service and Service Group
    51. Application Group
    52. Creating Policy LAN to DMZ
    53. Creating Security Policy LAN to Internet
    54. Creating NAT Policy LAN to Internet
    55. URL Filtering
    56. Custom Response Page
    57. Rule for Domain Trust
    58. Application Filtering
    59. Application Exception
    60. Dynamic NAT
    61. SNAT Internet-to-DMZ
    62. SNAT Internet-to-LAN
    63. Port Forwarding
    64. Self-Signed SSL Certificate
    65. Decryption Rule
    66. Antivirus
    67. Anti-spyware
    68. Anti-spyware – Using EDL
    69. Anti-spyware – EDL Certificate
    70. IP Domain and IPs
    71. Vulnerability
    72. File Blocking
    73. Wildfire
    74. Data Filtering
    75. DoS
    76. User-ID – Agent Installation and Config
    77. User-ID – User-ID Agent Adding in Panorama
    78. User-ID – Troubleshooting –  User-ID Agent
    79. User-ID – Integrated User-ID Agent Configuration
    80. User-ID – User Group Mapping
    81. User-ID – Group Based Policy
    82. User-ID – Using Captive Portal
    83. High Availability
    84. Application Override
    85. QoS Bandwidth Restriction
    86. QoS Classification and Markings
    87. Packet Capture
    88. VPN – PA-to-PA
    89. VPN – PA-to-PA – AH
    90. VPN – PA-to-PA – Certificate
    91. VPN – PA-to-Cisco
    92. VPN – PA-to-FortiGate
    93. VPN – PA-to-Juniper SRX
    94. Custom App-ID
    95. GlobalProtect
    96. Tunnel Inspection – GRE Tunnel
    97. Tunnel Inspection – Non-Encrypted Traffic


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    Essential and Premium Program Details and Packages

    £250inc VAT
    • Learn with Vidoes and workbook
      Videos and workbook are included
    • Class Recorded Videos
    • Saving (£500)
    • Palo Alto PCNSA
    • Palo Alto PCNSE
    • WorkBook (Config Guide)
      Industry best practices
    • Rack Rental (30 Days)
      online Real and Live 24/7Lab
    • Instructor Support (8 Hours)
      Our Trainers will Support to setup and provide support 1 to 1
    • Email Supprot (30 Days)
      Our Dedicated Team will support during your Learning
    • WhatsApp Support (30 Days)
      Our Dedicated Team will support during your Learning
    £800inc VAT
    • Video, Workbook, Rack Acces and Trainer Support
      Videos, workbook, Rack Rental and 10 hour Trainer Support included
    • Class Recorded Videos
    • Saving (£1000)
      Buy a Combo and Get up to £4500 Discount
    • Palo Alto PCNSA
      Official Expert Instructor-led classroom/online with Live Lab 24/7
    • Palo Alto PCNSE
    • WorkBook (Config Guide)
      industry Best Practices
    • Rack Rental (30 Days)
      24/7Lab for 30 Days
    • Instructor Support (8 Hours)
      Our Trainers will Support to setup and provide support 1 to 1
    • Email Support (30 Days)
      Our Dedicated Team will support during your Learning
    • WhatsApp Support (30 Days)
      Our Dedicated Team will support during your Learning

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    Become a Palo Alto Expert within 30 days


    • Workbook (Step by Step Config Guide)
    • Class Video Recording (life Time access)
    • Industry Projects


    • Workbook (Step by Step Config Guide)
    • Class Video Recording (life Time access)
    • Industry Projects
    • 24/7 LAB Availability
    • Instructor Support
    • email/WhatsApp Support


    You put in the hard work, and we are ready to bet on you


    Professional Training

    The program intends to make you immediately Palo Alto expert Within 30 days, you will be certified that validates your skill and your understanding of the concepts and comprehensive real-world practical projects that were covered.

    Job Support

    Our duty does not finish when the program ends: Share your CV with our recruitment team who will help you arranging an interview with our prestige clients all over.
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    Money-Back Guarantee

    We are so certain of your success that we're prepared to reimburse you if you don't find our program useful as we have placed in all that hard work possible


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    The program allows any network /Security engineer to be an expert in Palo Alto PCNSA/PCNSE Certification at his own pace.

    We have 3 samples provided on this page. we suggest checking our videos 

    Yes, with our Secured VPN You can have access 24/7 from any part of the world

    Once the provided all the Videos + WorkBook  + Rack Access. email and WhatApp will be provided as well.

    The WorkBook sample are provided in the middle of the page

    As soon as delegates signup for the program, Team will share within 24/48 Hours Via our share Point

    You need to install the FortiClient on your Windows/MAC.

    As soon as delegates signup for the program, Team will share within 24/48 Hours Via our share Point

    Essential program include
    (Useful for someone who wants to build his own LAB using our Workbook) 
    • Program HD Videos
    •  Workbook. 
    Premium program include
    (Want to avoid any Hassal to build his own LAB) 
    • Program HD Videos
    • Workbook.
    • 30 Days 24/7 LAB to practice your own
    • 8 Hour Trainer Support via email, Whatsapp, and Team/Zoom

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