Unlock personalized career coaching that empowers you with the essential resources to discover a fulfilling career opportunity that resonates with your passions and aspirations.

Our comprehensive career services encompass dedicated support, in-house resources, and a thriving alumni network, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive throughout your entire career journey, extending beyond just securing your next job.

Dedicated Career Guidance

Benefit from personalized guidance and expertise from your assigned career specialist who will provide individualized support, assist in formulating a job search strategy, and offer valuable insights to help you navigate your career transition successfully.

Strategic Career Preparation

The Job Prep Course equips you with essential tools and resources to prepare for your job search. From interview simulators to application trackers, this comprehensive course helps you refine your application materials, enhance your interview skills, and strategic approach to land your desired job.

Career Support Centre

Access a wealth of resources and support through our Career Support Centre. Explore an extensive media library, utilize job search trackers, and gain insights from industry professionals to enhance your career trajectory and maximize your potential for success.

“At the midway point of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in the Job Prep Course, granting you complete access to our career services for up to six months post-graduation. However, even after securing your first job, you can continue to seek advice and receive support from your dedicated career specialist, ensuring ongoing guidance throughout your career journey.”

Who are our career specialists?

Our Career Specialists are experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the job search landscape. They are well-versed in the challenges and common pitfalls faced by individuals, from issues of motivation and impostor syndrome to time constraints and confidence. With years of expertise in transforming the careers of ambitious individuals, they understand the rapidly evolving tech industry and provide guidance aligned with the latest hiring practices.

How do they support you?

Throughout the Job Prep Course, your dedicated Career Specialist will work closely with you to refine your application package, enhance your interview skills, and help you effectively showcase your experience. They will assist you in confidently marketing yourself, identify roles that align with your needs and interests, and provide proven strategies to overcome anxiety in networking events or interviews. Even after securing your first role, your Career Specialist will continue to offer advice, whether it’s fostering strong relationships within your current organization or guiding you through future job hunts.

Where are they located?

We have an expanding network of Career Specialists located around the world, allowing us to pair you with a specialist in your specific time zone. This ensures that you benefit from their localized expertise and tailored insights into your local job market.


Our IT Job Guarantee Program

We provide Job Oriented program, Excellent Guidance and Mentorship under Highly Educated and Industry Experts, Career Counselling, World Class Certifications, to get high paying Jobs

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence



Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Digital Operations


Michael Dogboe
Network Security Engineer

Salma Abdullah
IT Support Engineer | NHS

Bilal Muhammad
Network Support Engineer

Nigar Dilixiati
Network Engineer | Olink

Muhammad Usama
Infrastructure Engineer


What qualifications and experience do Career Specialists at Fortray have?

Our Career Specialists possess extensive experience in career coaching and counseling, particularly in the tech industry. They have a deep understanding of the job market, hiring trends, and the challenges faced by individuals seeking career transitions.

How do Career Specialists support individuals in their career journey?

Career Specialists provide personalized guidance and support throughout the career journey. They assist with resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, job search strategies, networking tips, and overall career development. They serve as mentors and provide valuable insights to help individuals achieve their career goals.

Can Career Specialists help with specific industries or job roles?

Yes, Career Specialists have expertise across various industries and job roles within the tech sector. They can provide tailored advice and industry-specific insights to help individuals navigate their chosen career paths.

How often can I communicate with my Career Specialist?

You can communicate with your Career Specialist based on your specific needs and preferences. Regular communication is encouraged, and your Career Specialist will be available to address your queries, provide guidance, and offer support throughout your career journey.

Can Career Specialists assist with negotiating job offers and salary discussions?

Yes, Career Specialists can provide guidance on negotiating job offers, discussing compensation, and navigating salary-related discussions. They can offer strategies and insights to help you achieve the best possible outcome in terms of compensation and benefits.

How long can I seek support from my Career Specialist?

Your access to support from your Career Specialist depends on the specific program or service you have enrolled in. In general, support is available throughout the program duration and may extend beyond that for a certain period, allowing you to receive guidance during your job search and subsequent career development.

Can Career Specialists assist with career advancement within a current organization?

Yes, Career Specialists can provide guidance and strategies for career advancement within your current organization. They can help you navigate professional growth opportunities, develop leadership skills, and create a plan for achieving your long-term career goals.

What should I expect during my initial consultation with a Career Specialist?

During the initial consultation, the Career Specialist will get to know you, your career goals, and your specific needs. They will discuss your background, skills, and aspirations to gain a comprehensive understanding of your career journey and create a customized plan to support your success.

Will my discussions with my Career Specialist remain confidential?

Yes, all discussions and information shared with your Career Specialist will remain confidential. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your personal and professional information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

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