Changing careers is a big step to take! But with your passion and motivation and the rigorously practical, fully mentored learning experience of our career change programs, we’re confident you can build a career you love.

We offer the Job Guarantee because we know that our programs do exactly what we’ve designed to empower people to transform their careers. If you’re eligible for the Job Guarantee, you’ll receive a 100% tuition refund if you don’t land a job in your new field within six months of completing the program.


Number of Graduates:

Over the years, a total of 2,850 plus individuals have successfully completed our career change programs and courses, equipping themselves with valuable skills for their new fields.

Average Salary Increase:

Our graduates experience a significant average salary increase of £30k plus in their first role after completing our programs. This demonstrates the value and impact of the skills and knowledge they acquire during their time with us.

Time to First Job:

On average, our graduates land their first job in their new field within 4 to 6 weeks after graduation. This reflects the effectiveness of our programs in preparing individuals for the job market and facilitating their transition into new careers.

These outcomes showcase the success and positive impact our programs have had on our graduates, empowering them to secure fulfilling employment and achieve notable advancements in their professional lives.

Our IT Job Guarantee Program

We provide Job Oriented program, Excellent Guidance and Mentorship under Highly Educated and Industry Experts, Career Counselling, World Class Certifications, to get high paying Jobs

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence



Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Digital Business


Michael Dogboe
Network Security Engineer

Salma Abdullah
IT Support Engineer | NHS

Bilal Muhammad
Network Support Engineer

Nigar Dilixiati
Network Engineer | Olink

Muhammad Usama
Infrastructure Engineer


The Job Guarantee at Fortray is made possible by a combination of factors designed to set our students up for success in their career transitions. Here are the key components that contribute to the Job Guarantee:

Specialized Skillset: Our programs focus on equipping you with specialized skills that are in high demand in the job market. These skills are carefully selected to align with industry needs and trends, increasing your chances of securing a job in your new field.

Personalized Mentorship: Throughout your learning journey, you will receive one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals who have extensive experience in your chosen field. They will guide you, provide feedback on your work, and help you refine your skills.

Specialized Skillset: Our programs focus on equipping you with specialized skills that are in high demand in the job market. These skills are carefully selected to align with industry needs and trends, increasing your chances of securing a job in your new field.

Career Coaching and Support: We provide personalized career coaching and support to help you navigate the job search process effectively. This includes resume and portfolio reviews, interview preparation, and guidance on networking and job search strategies.

By combining these elements, we empower our students to develop the necessary skills, create a strong portfolio, and enhance their job search strategies. This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of landing a job in their new field within the specified timeframe, making the Job Guarantee possible.

Portfolio Development
With every project you successfully finish, you will enhance your professional portfolio a compilation of projects that effectively demonstrates your newly acquired skillset, making it a compelling showcase to attract the attention of potential employers seeking candidates like you.
Dual Mentorship
Throughout your journey, you will have the privilege of dual mentorship, with both a dedicated tutor and mentor. They will offer their valuable insights, provide thorough project reviews, and ensure that your work meets industry standards, ensuring your growth and success in your chosen field.
Through our specialization courses, you will cultivate a highly sought-after skillset that sets you apart in the competitive job market. These courses concentrate on emerging and innovative areas within your chosen industry, equipping you with expertise that distinguishes you from other candidates and increases your market value.
Preparation for Job Market
As you prepare for your job search, the Job Prep Course offers comprehensive resources through our Career Support Center. This includes valuable tools such as a job application tracker, an interview simulator, a media library, and additional features to aid you in navigating the job market with confidence and success.
Career Counselling
The Job Prep Course includes personalized career coaching, where you will collaborate one-on-one with a specialist to develop a tailored job search strategy, polish your application materials, and receive interview preparation.


The Job Guarantee offered Fortray is open to career changers worldwide, specifically in metropolitan areas. Our career specialists are familiar with the job markets in different regions and will provide tailored advice and guidance on your job search strategy and application materials based on your location.
If you reside outside of the designated metropolitan areas or are unable to relocate, you may not qualify for the Job Guarantee. However, you will still receive the same level of personalized 1:1 support from your career specialist as you prepare to embark on your new career journey.


To qualify for the Job Guarantee, students must meet specific criteria aligned with the factors we know contribute to the success of our graduates in the job market. As long as you fulfill the following requirements, you will be eligible for the Job Guarantee:

Minimum age of 18, holding a high school diploma or equivalent
Residing in (or being willing to relocate to) an eligible metropolitan area
Willingness to consider both remote and on-site/in-person positions
Completion of the program and payment of tuition in full
Successful completion of the Job Prep Course, maintaining communication with your career specialist, and adhering to their job search guidance.



How do Fortray students find jobs?

Fortray students find jobs through a combination of their newly acquired skills, the Job Prep Course, personalized career coaching, and the support of their career specialist. They receive guidance on job search strategies, application materials, interview preparation, and access to the Career Support Center.

Where is the Job Guarantee offered?

The Job Guarantee is offered in metropolitan areas worldwide. Fortray strives to provide equal opportunities to career changers globally, ensuring eligibility for the Job Guarantee regardless of location.

Can my application be tailored to find jobs outside of the UK?

Yes, Fortray supports job search strategies for various locations beyond the UK. Career specialists provide location-specific advice, tailoring applications to international job markets.

Will my career specialist be based in my time zone? Fortray aims to accommodate students’ needs by assigning career specialists who can work within the student’s time zone, providing effective communication and support.

What does Fortray consider a "job"?

Fortray defines a “job” as a paid employment opportunity in the chosen field that aligns with the student’s career goals and utilizes their acquired skills.

What does Fortray consider a “job”?

Fifth FAQ

How long is the Job Preparation course?

The Job Preparation course typically lasts for a specific duration, which can vary. Students receive comprehensive training and resources to equip them for a successful job search.

When does the job search period begin?

The job search period typically starts after completing the program and the Job Preparation course. Students receive guidance from their career specialist on when to begin actively seeking employment opportunities.

Do I need a college degree, specific skills, or relevant experience before the course to get a job?

Fortray programs are designed to cater to individuals with varying backgrounds. While prior experience or a college degree can be advantageous, it is not always a requirement for securing a job. Fortray focuses on developing practical skills that align with industry demands.

Can I choose what kind of job I want to apply for?

Yes, Fortray empowers students to pursue their desired career path. Students can target specific job roles and industries during their job search.

Do I need to accept the first job offer I receive?

Fortray encourages students to carefully evaluate job offers and consider factors such as alignment with career goals, compensation, and growth opportunities. While the decision ultimately rests with the student, it is advisable to weigh different options before accepting an offer.

What kind of job can I expect to have after the program if I have no prior experience?

Fortray programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to enter their desired field, even with no prior experience. The specific job opportunities will depend on the chosen career path and the demand within the industry.

Can I still change careers and find a job even if I'm in my 50s or wiser?

Absolutely! Fortray believes in the potential of career changers at any age. The skills and support provided through the programs can help individuals successfully transition into new careers, regardless of their age.

Can you guarantee a particular salary? How do I know how much I'll earn?

Fortray does not provide guarantees regarding specific salaries. Earning potential can vary based on factors such as job market conditions, location, industry, skills, and experience. Fortray focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills and support to maximize their career opportunities.

What if I live in a small town or an area that's not covered by the Job Guarantee?

Fortray aims to support students globally, but the Job Guarantee may have specific coverage limitations. However, students residing in smaller towns or areas not covered by the guarantee still receive comprehensive career support, including the Job Prep Course and personalized career coaching.

What if I don't live in a tech city?

Fortray offers career opportunities beyond tech cities as they recognize the demand for various skills in different locations. Career specialists provide guidance on job search strategies tailored to the specific region or city.

What kind of perks do I receive as part of the Fortray community when it comes to finding a job?

As a part of the Fortray community, you gain access to various resources, such as the Career Support Center, job application tracker, interview simulator, and a media library. These perks support your job search and provide valuable tools for success.


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