Hundreds Of Thousands Of Individuals, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations Continuously Put Their Trust In Fortray

Fortray Talent connects employers with exceptional talent from our global community of Fortray graduates. Discover your next great hire among our pool of skilled professionals who have successfully completed our programs and are ready to contribute their expertise to your organization’s success.


Hiring Fortray graduates offers a multitude of advantages, as they are equipped with exceptional skills, driven by motivation, and fueled by passion. With our rigorous curriculum, expert-authored content, dual mentorship model, and personalized career coaching, our graduates are meticulously prepared for impactful careers in the tech industry, making them valuable assets to any organization.

Mentored growth

Guided by experienced professionals, our students benefit from mentorship and tutoring throughout their training, ensuring every step of their journey receives expert guidance and industry insights.

Mastery Of Practical Skills

Our curriculum, designed by experts, empowers graduates with practical skills to make an immediate impact. The hands-on learning experience aligns with industry demands, ensuring they are well-prepared.

Passion And Motivation

Our graduates are driven by passion and motivation, having successfully navigated the challenges of forging new careers while juggling other commitments. Their achievements reflect their determination to accomplish their goals.

Where Our Graduates Are Located?

Our graduates are spread across the globe, representing a diverse talent pool. While many are open to job opportunities in their countries of residence, some are willing to relocate or consider remote work options, providing flexibility in meeting the needs of employers in various locations.

Why partner with Fortray?

Easy Recruiting

Engage directly with applicants of your choice and hold discussions without any intermediaries. We facilitate connections with the best candidates while offering a seamless process, at no cost or obligation to you.

Global Talent Pool

Tap into our diverse talent pool of over 3,000 highly skilled tech professionals. With varying levels of experience, our students and graduates are qualified for positions ranging from junior to senior levels, providing a wide range of options for your hiring needs.

Skilled Candidates

Benefit from Fortray expert-authored curriculum and 2:1 mentorship model, which equips our graduates with up to 960 hours of hands-on training in specialized skills that employers actively seek. Our candidates possess the practical expertise and capabilities required to excel in their roles.

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